Thursday, May 21, 2015

May was a very Enriched Month!

All year, incredible things happen at IRHS that enrich our students' learning experiences.  Much of the events that occur in May are things that students prepare for over the course of the year.  So - rather than list opportunities ... we wanted to share accomplishments:

This month at IRHS:
*Two full weeks of AP Exams + Late Exams were completed

*Students hosted a Tea for Seniors at Stewart Street Seniors' Home

*A fantastic "Coffee house" was hosted by our "Because I am a Girl" club and involved many student performers

*Sounds of the Spring Concert was a fantastic success

*School wide fundraising for the earthquake tragedy in Nepal

*Grade 8 visit day involved many student leaders from LINK crew and leadership classes - it was a fabulous success

*Our Central Ontario Leadership Seminar Student attended the COLS leadership weekend at University of Toronto, Mississauga

*the Chemistry Contest was written

*Students host a "Play Day" at Ryerson Public School

*Math contests were written

*Students entered poetry contests

*LINK Crew leaders were selected for 2015 2016

*After a great keynote speaker - a pick up Wheelchair basketball game at lunch :)

*Our "Student of Excellence" was honoured by the board

*The Luncheon of Champions honoured student achievements

*Students travelled to Ottawa for Encounters with Canada

and this just scratches the surface. 
Congratulations to all of our students who do amazing enriching things every day!
Just wait - more to come in JUNE!