Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December Enrichment Newsletter

For further information on all of the items listed below please see Ms. Patterson (pattersonka@hdsb.ca) in room 214 

1.      Brain Bee at McMaster Wednesday April 09, 2014
High school students in the Hamilton-Halton and surrounding area from grades 9 through 12 are welcome to compete!  Students will demonstrate their knowledge about the brain and neuroscience, including fascinating topics involving intelligence, memory, emotions, sensations, movement, stress, aging, sleep, addiction, and more.  Participating is a valuable experience that you can add to your resume -- not to mention the possibility of winning prizes and fame!
Register online asap – and then let Ms. Patterson know you are competing!
To fill out the registration form, click here. Note: the registration deadline is April 2, 2014

Congratulations to everyone -- the 2012 McMaster Brain Bee was a great success

Iroquois Ridge High School cleaned up tin 2012 winning 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.  Awesome work -- congratulations!!!   Manjot Sangha (1st place), Tina Yuan (3rd place), and Alicia Rajwani (2nd place).  Congratulations to Manjot, who represented us at the 5th Annual CIHR Canadian National Brain Bee,

In 2013 IRHS again came home with accolades:
Jae Eun Lee (Iroquois Ridge High School) won 2nd place – way to go!!!
Everyone else who participated also did very well J

  1. Advanced Placement Exam Prep  www.ap.ca
Information meeting Friday December 13th  in room 215
Exams run from May 5 – May 16th 2014.
Cost = $89.00 U.S.  – Fees are due December 12th!  
Contract on Ms. Patterson’s website under “Enrichment” – Don’t miss out!

  1. SHAD Valley www.shad.ca   For the summer between Grade 11 and 12
Applications available from Ms. Patterson and online
Copy of Application MUST be given to Ms. Patterson
Application FINAL DEADLINE is December 12, 2013

  1. Waterloo Unlimited    www.unlimited.uwaterloo.ca

Grade 11 program, March 2014

Design theme           March 10th - 14th , 2014
5 day program: dates may coincide with some school boards' March Break.
(Out-of-town arrivals: Sunday evening)
Application deadline: Dec 13, 2013
Cost: Program fee: $450
Supervised overnight shared hotel accommodation: $300**

Grade 10 program, May 2014

The theme of "Change"        May 11th - 15th, 2014
Application deadline: March 10 2014
Cost: Program fee: $450
Supervised overnight shared residence accommodation: $160**

5.      FORUM for Young Canadians  www.forum.ca
Spend one of the following weeks on Parliament Hill:
Focus in on National Politics and Public Affairs.
Feb 23 – 28, 2014/ Mar 2 – 7, 2014/ Mar 23 – Mar 28, 2014
APPLY NOW!  Deadlines Feb 16th/January 23rd/February 23rd  2014

  1. E=MC2  http://esu.queensu.ca/programs/emc-res/index.php
May 5 – 10 2013
Registration takes place in February 2014
Details of courses will be available after Dec. 6, 2013
Check out the ESU section under “High School” E=mc2 Residential

  1. Encounters with Canada   www.encounters-rencontres.ca
A week in Ottawa with students from across Canada  APPLY TODAY!
An opportunity to study one of eleven sub-themes for Ages 14-17
Get a PIN number from Ms. Patterson for registration

  1. Essay Contests     www.aynrandinstitute.ca/contests
Grades  9 and 10 only.       Anthem            600 – 1200 words
Deadline March 20, 2014
Grades 11 and 12 only       The Fountainhead         800 – 1600 words
Deadline April 26, 2014